1,5 roczku

listopad 26th 2008, Autor: M&M, Kategoria: 15-24 miesiąc, Dzień po dniu

No i kolejny okrągła rocznica “wybiła”. Skończyłem 1,5 roku. Nie da się ukryć, czas szybko biegnie. Przez ten okres dużo się i rodziców nauczyłem, sporo miejsc odwiedziłem i ogólnie dobrze się mam i miałem.
Wszystkim, którzy towarzyszyli mi w tym czasie serdecznie dziekuję …

a tu pare zdjęć z mojej rocznicowej wizyty u fryzjera …

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  1. Mamusia napisał(a):

    Maksiu Kochany,
    w tym dniu I raz w życiu poszedłeś do fryzjera, może tata zamieś?ci zdjęcie, które zrobił? Ci dziadek Rysiek podczas tek pierwszej wizyty :) jestem szczęśliwa, że jestem Twoją mamą, kocham Cię bardzo…..

  2. Yohaig.com.ng napisał(a):

    On the eve of the rerun of the Ekiti State governorship election in April 2009, I made a bold prediction in my “Give us this moment” that Dr.
    Kayode Fayemi will come out on top. My prediction was based
    firstly, on my assessment of Fayemi’s background and his 10-point agenda for the
    development of the state, and secondly on my understanding and appreciation of the
    demographics of the state as the Land of Honor and the home of a people with an unquenchable appetite for

    We all witnessed the rerun election and its discontents which prompted
    my “Ekiti wonder” the following week, followed by my “Weapons of mass deception.” Those were the days of the locust.
    I am hopeful that we have all learned from
    that sordid experience with its ugly stain on our young democracy and can now look forward to the upcoming election with renewed
    confidence in the system.

    Fayemi had to wait for another year before his mandate was restored by
    the Appeals Court. His patience was tried. His resolve was
    tested. His humanity was challenged. In the end,
    he came out triumphant. His triumph was not just because his mandate was restored,
    but especially because with the ultimate result he proved that (i) the people’s voice and action will not be ignored and (ii) the hope and aspirations of
    the people will not be disappointed.

    I do not live in the country and in my short-term visits since 2010 I have not been privileged to visit Ekiti.
    I have only seen Governor Fayemi two or three times at events
    in Lagos in the last three and a half years. Though,
    he visits Washington metro area every now and then,
    our paths don’t cross. I mention this to make an important point.
    I evaluate him on the basis of (a) his fidelity to his campaign promise based on credible reports
    of independent observers and (b) the integrity that he brought
    to governance. Outside of these, nothing else matters to me.

    I have heard a lot of complaints: Fayemi
    doesn’t give recognition to party leaders. He doesn’t reward party members.
    He is being advised by a few, etc. This is all hogwash.

    We need to go beyond personality politics and a “me-too mentality”
    and embrace the ideal of governance.

    We elect leaders to lead in accordance with the promises that they make.
    If they succeed in fulfilling the majority of
    those promises, and they make a good-faith effort to
    fulfil the rest, then it is only fair that they be given a second term
    to carry out the rest. When a leader fails abjectly because he
    has no clue about what he got into in the first place,
    then no matter how gentle or loving or friendly he may be,
    to “reward” cluelessness with a second term is to
    mortgage the lives of millions of people.

    Secondly, while everyone has a right to present him-or herself
    for the position of a governor, I feel strongly that, as a matter
    of political morality, members of the same political party who originally gave the incumbent the
    mandate to lead, have a heavy burden of moral responsibility to support him
    for a second term as long as he delivers on his promises
    and the party’s manifesto. This is on the understanding that there is always
    going to be future opportunities for other aspirants within the party.These are important issues for our political development in this country.
    The splintering of political parties on the basis of nothing more
    serious than a “me-too can be governor”doesn’t help our cause.

    Now, what has Fayemi accomplished to deserve a second term in office?
    I will attempt to answer this question based on a candid
    comparison of my 2009 election eve optimistic assessment of what a
    Fayemi administration will do and what the Fayemi administration has actually done.

    In “Give us this moment” I maintained that I was sure that Ekiti
    people will give Fayemi their mandate because as a people fired up for knowledge and honor,
    they knew best who can deliver their dream Ekitiland.
    After almost four years, I am sure that the people can now
    say that the Land of Honor has reclaimed its glory.
    Decency has returned to governance. Assume that there has been no material improvement, which is certainly
    not the case; this return of decency to governance would still be
    a big deal. Who want to be associated with rascality and hooliganism?

    Secondly, I observed in 2009 that “Ekiti indigenes know which candidate in this election has an agenda for their welfare needs.” I ca now
    boldly assert that Fayemi has fulfilled his promise to look after the aged
    and the needy. The N5000 monthly social security benefit for
    the elderly citizens of the state is a gesture that lets them know that their years of productive services to the state are greatly appreciated.
    In the same category are the free health program and the free health
    mission that the State government embarked upon as soon as Fayemi took
    over. More than two-thirds of the state population in need of these services have
    benefitted from the programs.

    Thirdly, in 2009 I based my prediction that Ekiti will elect Fayemi as their Governor
    on his agenda for education. I observed then that the
    “Fountain of Knowledge” will make education its foremost industry again by improving access to quality education towards creating a knowledge
    economy…Computer education will be prioritized in the spirit of the 21st century advances.” I cannot overemphasize the significance of good education for our country and our region, and for me, it is this particular aspect of his campaign promise that attracted my attention.

    In view of the fact that years of the locust have had a debilitating effect on our educational system, it will take more than four years in office to make an appreciable impact. But Governor Fayemi has started well with bold plans and strategic thinking. The renovation of schools has been a top priority for him. He has provided laptops for students. He has inaugurated the Committee on Ekiti State Integrated Science and Technology Education Transformation Framework and Roadmap with a view to positioning the economy of the state and converting its “intellectual capital
    to prosperity for the people of Ekiti.” As I also observed five years ago, “a progressive politician measures success by how
    many citizens he or she lifts from the depth of poverty onto the pinnacle of knowledge
    and wealth.” I think Fayemi has opened the path for the desirable uplift of Ekiti citizens.

    If education is the key, then those who have the responsibility to provide sound education for the children must also have sound knowledge and the temperament to educate for success. I have been an educationist all my life with the exception of a couple of off-years. As a proud recipient of the Teachers’ Grade III and Teachers’ Grade II certificates, I take teaching seriously and I have tried to give my students the best.

    I am disheartened about the current state of the education of our teachers. I am even more disappointed about our approach to further training. I believe that this was the context in which Governor Fayemi proposed the further training and testing of teachers. That proposal was politicized but there was a good intention behind it and I expect that teachers would see beyond the unprincipled politics of others who try to put a wedge between them and Fayemi.

    I observed in 2009 that Fayemi promised the infrastructural development of the state. In the three and a half years that he has been in the saddle, he has transformed the state with the building of roads, linking major towns in the state, successfully accessing development funds from international agencies such as the World Bank. We have reports of rural electrification projects and construction of water-works across the state.

    Finally, citizens of Ekiti know Fayemi as a compassionate leader who has demonstrated his democratic credentials. They will again give us this moment to savor and cherish when they elect him for a second term in office on June 21, 2014.

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